How Many Games Can You Store on a 1TB Hard Drive?

How Many Games Can You Store on a 1TB Hard Drive

Playing video games is a fun activity that not only the younger generation but also older people enjoy playing. However, the problem of storage space required for gaming can be the ugliest nightmare. Well, the size of the game can determine the number of games that can be stored on the 1TB hard drive. 

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Games That 1TB Can Hold: 

Day by day, games are becoming more advanced, complex, and data-heavy, with high graphics and mechanics requiring more storage space. Moreover, other factors such as game length and other downloadable content can also decide the number of games that can be stored. 

Well, game makers are trying to cross more and more graphics and gameplay restrictions which means the game size will continue to grow to allow for less game storage on a hard drive. Furthermore, a  game that contains downloadable content requires updates or takes up more space and lessens the number of games that can be stored on a 1TB hard drive. 

If you are a hardcore gamer, you will always be looking to download more games. It’s better to delete the games you no longer play to avoid a storage space limitation. This will free up the size and allow you to put your hands on more games that you find easily on different available platforms. Secondly, you can also purchase an external hard drive to store games you’re not playing.  

The best alternative that people are approaching nowadays is iCloud storage. This beauty allows gamers to access the games using an internet connection wherever they’re without taking up space on the hard drive. However, for this to work, ensure you have a fair and reliable internet connection

How Many Games Can 1TB Holds?

On average, the game size is between 20GB to 100 GB. A 1TB hard drive can hold 10 to 50 games on this basis. However, it still entirely depends on the size of each game. The small game holds less storage, and a large game file takes up more space.


Overall, 1TB storage space can hold a reasonable amount of games. Still, it is just a rough figure. It depends upon the size of the game. The less game size will help you store more games and vice versa. Moreover, it is highly suggested to delete unwanted games and free up storage space. You can also make use of external hard drives and cloud storage.

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