Does Planet Fitness have a Scale?

Does Planet Fitness have a Scale?

Planet Fitness is a well-known gym chain that cares about people. They provide a clean, comfortable, and wonderful experience for people who aim to meet their fitness goals. 

However, when you take a membership at a gym, your purpose is not limited to only losing weight, but sometimes you are working due to numerous health benefits. But some people strive hard to lose weight and, therefore, often search for a scale in the gym. 

So if you’re considering whether planet fitness has a scale available, let’s explore it below.

What is Gym Scale? 

Using a gym scale can be very fortunate. The scale aids you in tracking your baseline. You can weigh yourself and see how much weight you need to lose further. Then after a certain period, you can again weight yourself and see the progress. Gym scales are usually of good quality, thus resulting in more accurate results. 

Does Planet Fitness have a scale?

The short answer is No. Planet Fitness does not have a different approach. 

Why Does Planet Fitness Have No Scale?  

Planet Fitness believes one should only attend the gym because of scale. Instead, they should come to become fit and avail health benefits

Many of us want to lose weight. It can’t be done overnight. Therefore many people weigh themselves up daily and get disappointed, demotivated, and distracted. As Planet Fitness’s slogan says, “judgment-free zone.” It provides a place where you meet like-minded people. 

Another reason why planet fitness doesn’t keep scales is that some people find it harsh. When they see no progress on the scale, many members may leave their membership. 

Moreover, there are many ways to see progress. It is not necessary that if you lose weight on the scale, then only you’re progressing. Getting better health-wise and losing inches instead of pounds also indicate progress. 


Well, planet fitness is a well-known gym line and is determined not to keep scale for the mental benefit of its members. There are many other ways to see the progress.

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