Pan American Archery Confederation


2010 COPARCO  Congress Minutes


Place: Salón Los Volcanes. Ejecutivo Express Hotel. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


Date: October 19,  2010. Time: 18:28







President: Ernesto Diaz Bazan

Treasurer: Carlos Alfredo Hermes

Vice-President North Region: Robert Romero

Vice-President Central America and the Caribbean Region: Gloria Rosa

Vice-President Southern Region: Maria Emma Gaviria

Council member:  Sergio Font


Special Guests:

Vicente Martínez Orga (COPARCO Marketing Director)



Represented Countries


1.     Argentina, Estanislao Osores Soler-President

2.     Barbados, John Annel-President

3.     Brasil, Vicente Blumenschein-President

4.     Canada, Al Wills- President

5.     Chile, Julio César Parra- President

6.     Colombia, María Emma Gaviria-President

7.     Costa Rica, Joerg Pfeiffer-President

8.     Cuba, Ángel Sánchez-President

9.     República Dominicana, José Miguel Robiou-President

10.  Ecuador, Ottón Baquerizo-President

11.  El Salvador, Vicente Martínez Orga- Delegate

12.  Guatemala, Christian Hermes- Delegate

13.  México, Effy Sánchez -President

14.  Puerto Rico, Gloria Rosa-President

15.  Trinidad y Tobago, Jonathan Kacal- President

16.  Estados Unidos,  Robert Romero - Delegate

17.  Venezuela, José Manuel Trujillo- President



PROXI Represented Countries:

18.  Nicaragua, by El Salvador

19.  Paraguay, by Colombia

20.  Perú, by Guatemala

21.  Uruguay, by Chile  



Congress opening and welcome by the COPARCO President:

The President Mr. Diaz Bazan, welcome all Presidents and Delegates of the COPARCO country members and special guests. He thanks the Mexican Archery Federation and COPAG for their excellent job and invites to a coordinated work.


Congress Agenda: (Sergio Font, asked for a change in the Congress agenda, so the COPARCO Officials elections were carried out before the Events elections, therefore the agenda was changed accordingly and was settled as below).


·       Participants Registration

·       Quorum Verification

·       Last congress minutes approval

·       President Report

·       Treasurer Report

·       Committees Report

·       COPARCO  Officials elections

·       2010 World Ranking Events and last Pan-American Games qualification  event  scheduling

·       Other Business

·       Congress Closure


Quorum Check:


The meeting started with 17 present countries and 4 represented by proxy, that is 21 countries out of 28 affiliated.


Last Congress minutes approval


2009 Congress Minutes were submitted to vote and were unanimously approved.


President Report:


The President gives a COPARCO Historical review.

He mentions that COPARCO is important thanks to its Federations. Motivates to work with cadets and Juniors for the 2016 Olympic Games, since a South-American Country will host such an important event for the first time. We have 6 years to work together and show that The Americas united is powerful and that technically we will make it.


Congratulates the President Effy Sanchez because of the event organization, also for the beautiful archery range. And adds it’s grateful that our athletes brake some Pan-American Records. Not only seniors, but juniors. The progress athletes of The Americas have had can be seen, we have to keep going and this is our opportunity to show good results in the year 2016.


We have to train more national judges. There has been organized technical courses for judges and coaches; COPARCO Misions; equipment donations, among others. We have less that 15 thousand dollars a year, for 28 countries. We have communicated with FITA authorities to ask for more support. A big project has been presented and FITA has showed their interest to support The Americas. We are improving our participation in world cups and Olympic Games: for Beijing we had more qualified athletes, we almost doubled what had been made for Athens.


He reads a letter from the FITA Secretary General Tom Dielen, in which he communicates that he and the FITA President were unable to attend. The letter refers to some COPARCO important aspects, among them The Americas participation in World Rankings and World Cups; it praises the region development; mentions that there are future challenges; confirms the support FITA will keep giving for development and special COPARCO projects, which has been presented to FITA and they are working on them to support the Americas regarding Junior development towards the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.  Finally, asked  the Congress to support the motion of developing the World Archery Brand, and for our region to promote the “World Archery Americas” logo, which would be the FITA representation for our region, than would be the commercial brand in the Continent.

The President brings the proposal to vote and it’s unanimously approved by the Congress


Ecuador asks if there is private income or private fundraising. The President responds that all COPARCO funding comes from the International Federation. Nevertheless is a good idea, and there is the possibility that national federations get private funds. Olympic Solidarity is at hand to help, when associations work with their National Olympic Committees. But National Federations should approach and ask for support directly.

Airlines like Taca and Copa have also provided discounts for delegations’ air tickets. The President emphasizes that it is ideal that all national federations provide ideas and contribute to improving COPARCO.


The President Report was submitted to vote and was unanimously approved.


Treasurer Report


Dr. Freddy Hermes, COPARCO Treasurer presents financial reports. There were no questions.


FITA has reported that some Federations don’t pay their membership fees on time. It’s requested to all Federations to program their payments before march 30. It was also recommended that if possible to avoid cancel athletes attendance to international events, after they have been registered in the FORS system, to avoid FITA penalties.


It’s very important to pay on time entries of the exact number of archers that will participate in events.


The Treasurer Report was submitted to vote and was unanimously approved.


Committees Reports


Venezuela proposes that documents be sent 30 days before Congress so they can be well analyzed.



Judges Committee


We need judges who speaks English. That’s why they can’t advance to higher levels. Sergio font asks that countries make an effort so that their judges speak English.


Development Committee


Information from Olympic Solidarity has been given. Everybody is invited to study that information and make applications at their Olympic Committees. They are asked to please send a copy to the development committee President, Maria Emma Gaviria, so that she can check with FITA that the NOC has sent request in the right way and the process is moving. There were 450 million dollars for the past quadrennium, and reportedly there was left some money unused. Maria Emma asks that everybody uses and take advantage of those resources. For example, Colombia travels across the world with Olympic Solidarity Support.


Medical Committee


Federations are asked to verify in the WADA web page if their athletes have been selected as part of the pool for anti-doping control.


US Archery shares strategic plan 2009-2012. If anybody has questions they can ask Robert Romero.


Election of COPARCO Officials


Dr. Hermes conducts the election process.


The President position is voted. The only candidate is Mr. Ernesto Diaz Bazan. Result: 20 votes for and one null. Mr. Ernesto Diaz Bazan is appointed as the COPARCO President for the new period (2010-2014)


The south región Vice-President position is voted. The only candidate is Maria Emma Gaviria. Result: 20 for and one void. (2010-2014)


Two Council member positions are voted. There are two candidates. Candidates are from Chile, Julio Parra and from Cuba, Sergio Font. All votes were favorable. Both of the candidates are now Council members. (2010-2014)


Three Medical Committee member positions are voted. Candidates are Carlos Hermes from Guatemala, Vicente Blumenschein from Brazil and Tyrone Flores from Ecuador. All of them were approved.


The President proposed candidates for the Development Committee members. He proposed that Vice-Presidents of each region be the Development Committee members. Everyone agrees and votes in favor.


Venezuela sees a problem in the election just done, and it’s that in two years there will be another voting. While they are Vice-Presidents they will be members, but when their term ends, the new Vice-Presidents would be the new Development Committee members. That would imply to modify our constitution.


Sergio Font proposes that constitution is changed next year and that Development Committee becomes a Commission.


Barbados proposes that we simply include Development issues in the Vice-President responsibilities.




Election and scheduling of 2011 World Ranking Events and Pan-American Games Qualifying Tournament.


FITA pointed out the President that 6 World Ranking events are too many. FITA suggests a reduction of WRE to four. Nevertheless, if COPARCO agrees to attend, observe and ensure that the 6 tournaments will be successful, then there is no problem. It’s confirmed that 6 events will be organized.


Ecuador expressed that sadly it was not possible to organized the event programmed as a World Ranking Event. The United States, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were the only ones that register. It’s a pity that no other country registered. He proposes that there is an attending compromise to ensure competitors in each event.


COPARCO will give possible dates for tournaments. World calendar will be analyzed, so events are set in. The President asks for flexibility so that countries adapt to established dates.


Sergio Font indicates that countries must better plan their events and can’t cancel in the last minute because of dates conflict.


World Cups are the most important events. Countries that asks to host World Ranking events, must achieve them, no matter if there are only a few countries registered. It’s not good to cancel World Ranking tournaments, because it damages our image.


Trinidad and Tobago proposes that we must ensure a separated participation of  junior and cadets categories.


USA propose to organize a youth tournament. Sergio Font suggests not to organize it, that it won’t work, because countries get support for the youth, when they travel along with seniors.


Puerto Rico explains that it’s difficult because there is no budget to attend a junior and cadets tournament. We must raise awareness that a generational change is needed and we must give more importance to cadets and juniors. The only way is to support world rankings.


Venezuela talks about a negative experience about the problem of getting together 15 athletes to come to a NORCECA school tournament in Mexico.

We must develop our countries. Mexico had 450 athletes.  The Venezuelan government formed their team from the school tournament.


Mexico has a program to support youth athletes since 20 years ago



World Ranking Events proposals:


Chile’s proposal includes the Southern cone; a tournament for South America. There was a very positive experience they want to capitalize on.


A new stadium is almost ready in Costa Rica; an Olympic village donated by China. There are several international events to be held there. They will be hosting the 2013 Central American Games. It´s a very convenient place, with a very good hotel infrastructure.


After having celebrated two world cups, Dominican Republic offers to hold the Merengue Cup with all-included beach hotels. They want this to be a second-chance-qualifying event for the Pan-American Games.


The US proposes the Arizona Cup. There have been 21 Arizona Cups. 100 international archers, 18 countries. Thank you very much. There is a 74 target, covered range. Cadet and junior categories are held separately in their tournaments. It’s a good way to start their preparation towards the World Championship. They have transportation from and to the airport, and from and to the range. This can be a world ranking event for judges.


President Trujillo mentioned an agreement from the previous minute, to have an event in Venezuela (Carabobo) this year. In past events, participants have been satisfied with hotel, food and transportation there.


Puerto Rico offers food and accommodation. The Cup will be held at the Albergue. Olympic Festival or Olympic Cup in Puerto Rico. Junior and Cadets are priority.


Mexico requests a world ranking event. It will be held at the Maya Riviera. They mentioned to be looking for a special place to hold the competitions. Transportation is included Airport/Hotel/Range. They have all Cancun municipality support.


Sergio Font will try to get the Pan-American Games included within the world ranking events. The Pan-American Games and the World Cup in the US are to be taken out of the voting list. There are 6 tournaments left to vote for. For now, votes will only be for tournaments, not dates.


The voting turned out as follows:

Chile                                19

Costa Rica                       18

Dominican Republic        19

USA                                 18

Venezuela                        18

Puerto Rico                     17

México                            10

Since there are only 6 events, Mexico is left out because of the number of votes.


Colombia proposes to be the host for the Continental Qualifying Championships for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Offers Hotel and food for US$35 per day


Brazil also proposes to organize it in Rio de Janeiro. The cost will be 100 dollars per person with 3 meals and transportation.


That championship must be after the World Championship.


Voting takes place for the date of the qualifying championship. Options are the second half of September 2011 and April 2012. The decision is made to hold it in April 2012. Intentions are for the second half of April, after having the agreement of the Olympic Committee.


Voting takes place for the host of the Continental Qualifying Championships. The candidate cities are Colombia and Brazil. Colombia wins 12 votes to 8 (1 void vote) and is recognized as host.


Canada proposes to set 4 events with pre-established dates, to avoid affecting our archers.


Ruben Ochoa, from Mexico, argues that there are no competitive tournaments, nor a check list for carrying-out events; that there is no planning. Mexico is disappointed for not being elected. They don’t want to fight for a ranking, nor compete with the World Cup. He emphasizes that there must be a better organization in order to have competitive tournaments.


The last voting is for the 2012 Pan-American Championship. The only candidate is El Salvador. Voting takes place and El Salvador is recognized as host for that event.


Other Issues


Brazil puts their training center in Rio de Janeiro at the disposal of all the countries, specially those located within the South Cone. They have a Korean trainer and will be hiring another one. It will focus on cadets and youth. The President will present Brazil’s proposal to FITA.


All dates for the rest of the events have been decided.


Puerto Rico talks about clean game sports ethics and of being good athletes. He asks the Presidents of the Federations to meditate about wanting to have just medal winners or better citizens. Puerto Rico is worried about the attitude of some athletes. Puerto Rico asks that everyone stresses sports behavior on their athletes.


Argentina wants to organize an open South-American Field Championship. The cost per person would be 60 dollars a day with three meals. The President confirms COPARCO’s support.


Brazil proposes to include Paralympic Tournaments.


Tom Green is the Technical Delegate to the 2011 Para-Panamerican Games. These will be held from November 17 to 19. COPARCO hasn’t identified paralympic athletes; asks if any country has paralympic archers, and requests the number of athletes per category as soon as possible. Venezuela requests an e-mail with all the information about the Para-Panamerican Games; does not know the total number of archers. A classification system must be proposed before designing one. An estimate is requested to each of the presidents for the following day.


Vicente Martinez proposes Madrid once again for the following Congress, including hotel, tours, etc; one person per country. Vicente is the delegate of El Salvador in FITA. The President asks for a hand of applause and acknowledgements for him. There are a total of 12 votes in favor of having the next Congress in Madrid.


The US mentions that it must be taken into account that no country has enough money to invest in several major events in one year.


The President gives out recognitions for presence at the Technical Seminar held in Madrid last year.


With no other matters pending, the COPARCO 2010 Congress ended at 2200 hours.